Homestay (staying with a local family, which usually includes meals and laundry room, as well as a furnished shared or single room, with private or shared bathroom – this option is suitable for younger students as well as adults who want to practice the language or want to learn the life-style of that country)

Residence (staying at a school’s residence or residences for general public, which usually will not include meals nor laundry room, but students will have to buy their own food and pay for their laundry services – this option is suitable for 18+ students looking for a more independent kind of stay, where they will meet people from all ages and cultures; these are mostly located closer to schools)

Apartments/flats (renting an apartment/flat, which may be for a whole family, or for one single student; they can be from bachelors to 2-3 rooms with the facilities of a regular apartment/flat: sleeping area/bedrooms, kitchen, full-bathroom, common areas. Meals are not included nor cleaning services. These can be close or far from schools- this option is suitable for students 18+.


Hostels (the most affordable option for students looking for a totally international and independent experience. Hostels kinds vary as well as prices and types of rooms: shared, single, with or without private bathrooms, with or without kitchen on the floors- this option is suitable for students 18+ and it is best if they have their hosteling international discount card*- meals are not included)


Connect with the office for accommodation details